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Jong Kyu Kim

Associate Professor,
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, POSTECH

Tel : 82-54-279-2149
Fax : 82-54-279-2399

E-mail :

Location : Eng. Bldg.1, #215, POSTECH


POSTECH, South Korea

•  Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, February 2002

Yonsei University, South Korea

•  B.S. Metallurgical Engineering, February 1997


Professional Experiences

•  2013-present, Associate Professor, MSE, POSTECH

•  2009-2013, Assistant Professor, MSE, POSTECH

•  2006-2009, Research Assistant Professor, RPI, USA

•  2003-2006, Postdoctoral Fellow, RPI, USA


Research Topics

•  Semiconductor light emitters: from visible to deep ultraviolet LEDs

•  Growth of 2-dimensional materials and their optoelectronics applications

•  3-dimensional nanostructured materials and their energy harvesting applications: solar cells, water splitting, artificial photosynthesis, electronic noses, and novel photonics components


Selected Publications

1. Xinjian Shi§, Il Yong Choi§, Jeong Kwon, Kan Zhang, Jong Kyu Kim* and Jong Hyeok Park*, "Highly efficient photoelectrochemical hydrogen production from BiVO4-decorated WO3 helix nanostructures" Nature Communications 5, 4775 (2014) [Link]

2. Hyunah Kwon, Juyoung Ham, Dong Yeong Kim, Seung Jae Oh, Subin Lee, Sang Ho Oh, E. Fred Schubert, Kyung-Geun Lim, Tae-Woo Lee, Sungjun Kim, Jong-Lam Lee*, and Jong Kyu Kim*, "Three-Dimensional Nanostructured Indium-Tin-Oxide Electrodes for Enhanced Performance of Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells", Advanced Energy Materials, 4, 1301566 (2014) [Front Cover] [Link]

3. Jaehee Cho, E. Fred Schubert, and Jong Kyu Kim*, "Efficiency droop in light-emitting diodes: Challenges and Countermeasures" Laser and Photonics Reviews 7, No. 3, 408~421, (2013) [Front Cover] [Link]

4. J.-Q. Xi, Martin F. Schubert, Jong Kyu Kim, E. Fred Schubert, Minfeng Chen, Shawn-Yu Lin, W. Liu, and J. A. Smart, "Optical thin-film materials with low refractive index for broad-band elimination of Fresnel reflection" Nature Photonics 1, 176 (2007) [Link]

5. E. Fred Schubert and Jong Kyu Kim, "Solid-State Light Sources Getting Smart" Science 308, 1274 (2005) [Link]


Research Interests

Novel semiconductor light emitters

•  AlGaN-based deep ultraviolet LEDs

•  High-power white LEDs for solid-state lighting

•  All-semiconductor white LEDs for smart lighting

3-dimensional (3D) nanostructures for energy and environment

•  Novel electrodes for solar cells and photo-electrochemical cells

•  Integrated smart sensors

•  Multi-functional high-performance optical filters

2-dimensional (2D) optoelectronic materials and devices

•  Growth of wafer-level 2D materials

•  All-2D-Nitrides light emitters

•  3D-2D hybridized nanostructures


Short Biography

  Dr. Jong Kyu Kim is an associate professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in POSTECH. After he received his Ph. D. degree from POSTECH in 2002, he joined the Future Chips Constellation at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as a research assistant professor. Dr. Kim has made pioneering contributions to the field of compound semiconductor materials and devices in particular to the fields of AlGaInN-based light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and future smart lighting applications. His recent research topics include 3-Dimensional nano-structured materials for nano-photonics applications such as near-perfect antireflection coatings for photovoltaic cells, nanostructured electrodes for organic photovoltaics, water splitting electrochemical cells, electronics noses, and dye-sensitized solar cells.

  He has authored or co-authored more than 140 peer-reviewed publications including recent publications in Nano letters, Nature Photonics, Science, and Advanced Materials, and 4 book chapters. His papers have been cited more than 7000 times (average citations per paper >47) and h-index is 40 until now (June 2016). His research on near-perfect anti-reflection coating in collaboration with his colleagues was selected as " The 25 most innovative nano/micro technologies 2007" by R&D magazine. He is a member of Materials Research Society (MRS), The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS), and The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE).